Gerry Brough

Gerry attended the British Open at Symphony Hall in 1998 and met Brian Clarke and Malcolm Teasdale, colleagues from City of Coventry and GUS bands.  They reminisced and talked about present activities where Brian was conducting and Malcolm was playing solo euphonium in Bilton Band. Conveniently, it also turned out that Vicky Mitchell (solo baritone) was leaving to go to Loughborough College and Gerry was not in a band at the time.

A while later Gerry received a letter from Malcolm asking if he was interested in playing solo baritone for Rugby Band; Gerry hadn’t played at all for a while and not solo baritone for some years but said he would give it a go.  Gerry joined and played alongside Vicky for a few months until she went to Loughborough. Gerry played solo baritone for a few years and then along came Mary Goodland, she took over solo baritone and Gerry moved to second, around that time Alex also joined the band on second.  When Mary resigned as solo baritone Gerry learned that Mervyn Jones, another colleague from City of Coventry and Gus bands was looking to move from Coventry Festival.  Gerry contacted him…

and the rest, as they say, is history (still) in the making (I’m glad to say)

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