West Midlands Brass Band Association Solo Duet and Quartet Contest 2017

Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band, Bilton Silver Evolution Band and Bilton Silver Training Band were all represented as players took to the stage to compete at Studley High School on Sunday 7th May.

There were some fantastic performances and results!

Youngest Boy Trophy: Ben Angell

Solos 8 and under: 3rd prize Ben Angell

Solos 9 – 11: 2nd prize Felicity Angell

Solos 15 – 18: 3rd prize Tom Cowan

Duets under 10: 1st prize Ben Angell and Felicity Angell

Duets under 15: 2nd prize Ben Murray & Jacob Thomson. 3rd prize Imogen Angell and Jacob Thomson

Duets under 19: 3rd prize Cara McQuillan and William Thomson

Quartet under 14: 1st prize Ben Murray, Jacob Thomson, Imogen Angell and Felicity Angell. 2nd prize Imogen Angell, Felicity Angell, Ben Angell and Matthew McQuillan

Quartet under 19: 1st prize Ben Murray, Cara McQuillan, William Thomson and Matthew McQuillan

Adult Duets: 1st Samantha Edwards & Neil Kelsall. 2nd prize Samantha Edwards and Jodie Fisher

Open Slow Melody: 3rd prize Jodie Fisher

Open Air Varie: 3rd prize Neil Kelsall


Congratulations to everyone who took part and thanks to our many supporters.


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