LBBA Solo, Duet and Quartet Contest – A (non-musical) parent’s perspective

LBBA Solo, Duet and Quartet Contest

Held in Groby, Leicestershire on 26th April 2015

A (non-musical) parent’s perspective


Getting up early on a Sunday was a shock to the system but with great information from Neil Kelsall and Di Fisher (who had taken on the organisation of Bilton’s entries to the contest) and the postcode in the sat nav off we went.  Well, not before checking that the instrument and music were in the car and breakfast had not left any marks on the newly cleaned uniform!

On arrival, we paid our entrance money, collected our programme, bought some raffle tickets and located the three performance rooms and adjacent practice rooms.

Firstly a cunning plan was hatched, on where and when we all needed to be, so as all the entrants had some support from the Bilton posse. Although this was forever changing, as orders of play were changed to accommodate those entrants who had to be in two places at once, but this just added to the excitement and fun of the day. Whilst trying to work out when and where to be and understand all the different sections, I still have not found out what an ‘open air varie’ is. I have, however, expanded my knowledge of what instruments I can now recognise by sight – not necessarily by sound!

During the morning it was lovely to have time to get to know either those people who sit alongside you each week watching their youngsters and you only know as Tom, Dick or Katie’s parents and finally putting names to the senior band members who play with them and give such great support each week. We had time for refreshments in the breaks to purchase homemade cakes and freshly made sandwiches (at very low cost) at lunchtime.

Learning the etiquette of slipping into the performance rooms between each contestant playing was very easy and certainly helped by the organisers and judges who were very organised and relaxed. All our youngsters gave their best – both in performance and behaviour, and were a credit to Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band.

My biggest regret of the day was not seeing and hearing many of the senior band members’ performances, although Steve, my husband, took himself off to watch them and in his own words “saw some exceptional performances”.

Although we did not bring as many trophies home as we deserved (in my opinion), the day for our ‘band family ‘ was a huge success in so many other ways .We certainly had the biggest group of supporters, so a big thank you to everyone who gave up their Sunday.

A big thank you to Neil, Di and crew for all of the support given to the youngsters and their entourage.


Thanks for reading

Jo Crompton


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