Caldecott Park (30th June 2013)

On Sunday, 30th June, Bilton Band played at Caldecott Park, Rugby. It was a warm sunny day and the park and its facilities were enjoyed by many people. We began our concert with the march ‘Washington Grays’ and were amused after playing the last note when a gentleman stood at the steps of the bandstand, clapped and cheered ‘Hooray’; this brought a smile to everyone’s face!
Our varied programme included the ever-popular horn solo, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, played by Paul Bennett. During the two hour programme  our Solo Euph’ player, Neil Kelsall, played a piece I liked, but hadn’t heard of before, called, ‘Lament’ from Karl Jenkins’ Stabat Mater.

Concerts with Bilton Band never escape players making jokes (mostly directed at each other) and enjoying fun moments; Sunday was no exception. An afternoon spent in Caldecott Park playing in a team with high spirited musicians, reminds me of why I love banding.


Review written by Mary Goodland (Solo Baritone)



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